Bible Study: Thursday Mornings 10.30 TO 11.30

Please Note. Bible Study meetings in April have been cancelled because Miss Megan Lloyd is unwell.

 Leader: Megan Lloyd.  

 (Coffee served at 10.15)

St. David’s Church Bible Study Group

Our Bible Study Group will meet again on February 7th 2019

when we will study St. Paul's Second Missionary Journey.


1.   7th February: Chapter 16: verses 1 to 15

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

2.   14th  February : Chapter 16:verses 16 to 40

Paul and Silas in prison

3.   21st   February  Chapter 17: verses 16 to 34

Paul in Athens

4.   28th  February  Chapter 18: Verses 1 to 17

Paul in Corinth


5.       7th  March: John Chapter 3: verses 3 to 13

Seeing the Kingdom of God

6.     14th  March : John Chapter 6:verses 41 to 50

Seeing the Bread of Life

7.     21st  March:  John Chapter 10: verse 10

Seeing the Good Shepherd

8.     28th March:  John Chapter 11: verses 28 to 36

Seeing the Resurrection and the Life

9.       4th April:     John Chapter 12: verses 37 to 43

Seeing the Glow of the Cross

  1. 11th April: John Chapter 19: verses 23 to 29

Seeing the Crucified King

Palm Sunday – April 14th; Maundy Thursday – April 18th ; Good Friday – April 19th




Kathleen and Megan

Elaine, Peggy and Beryl

Kathleen, Wadad and Megan

Peggy, Beryl and Kathleen
David and Elaine